Hoogs' Epic Journey

In the ten years since he first burst out of the box, Hoogs has been hard at work creating custom sites for his many loyal customers.


He's seen a few changes in that time.

In the early days he sculpted fancy-pants animated sites and made it his mission to change the way we thought about the humble website.

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As time progressed he recognised the importance of handing the reigns over to site owners and began developing easy to use content management tools.

These tools didn't just help clients, they empowered them, making the whole process of keeping a site up-to-date and relevant much more efficient and cost effective.


Looking over his growing list of individually tailored projects, Hoogs saw patterns emerging; key features which stood out as being greatly beneficial for everyone.

Combining these tools into one package seemed the obvious way to ensure everyone benefited from all the work he had done so far.  Before long all his tinkering was starting to resemble a fully fledged content management system.

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The landscape was ever changing and it was becoming more and more important to adhere to web standards and to ensure new fangled mobile devices were also catered for.

Hoogs put his mad scientist goggles on.


Every process and component was scrutinised and refined, new features and tools were forged and re-forged. With each advance his eyes were opened to even greater possibilities.

Then came the realisation; this was not a machine that could be built to completion, this is and must continue to be an ongoing evolution.

rag doll

Hoogs gathered minions with web marketing and design expertise, handed over his project management apron and headed off to his lab to fire up the blow-torch.

While sightings of Hoogs these days are becoming few and far between, the innovations continue to roll out of his lair.  Meanwhile, his diligent and dedicated minions (dubbed Hooglings) have proven themselves to be up to any challenge, keeping smiles on the faces of countless customers.

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